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CN Protect Plus®

Odour and ammonia retention for slurry with a mineral floating cover

The accredited service laboratory for agricultural and environmental analysis LUFA confirms excellent emissions test results for odour and ammonia retention – all requirements of the 2017 German Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control (TA Luft) and the German Federal Immission Control Act (BimSchG) are met.

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Economical emissions protection for slurry containers

With appealing value for money, CN Protect Plus is the perfect alternative to other approved types of covers.

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Economic efficiency meets sustainability.

CN Protect Plus unites low cost and all application advantages with the sustainability of the natural product clay.


CN Protect Plus is delivered by a freight forwarder straight from the factory using a tipper lorry, walking floor lorry or silo vehicle

Hence, it is necessary for the delivery vehicles to be able to drive up close to the slurry container.

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Perfect for slurry pits of all sizes

CN Protect Plus is the simple and effective solution for all sizes of pits. The mineral floating cover offers reliable odour and ammonia retention.

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Meets all requirements of the TA Luft 2017 and the BImSchG

With its test results, the accredited service laboratory for agricultural and environmental analysis LUFA NORD-WEST clearly confirms compliance with all values and retention efficiency.

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