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Profit from legal security and avoidance of disputes with neighbours

CN Protect Plus consists of small, closed and air-filled cells of fired clay and is extremely light, with a bulk density of approx. 245 kg/m³. CN Protect Plus has a very long-lasting impregnation that prevents capillary rising and eliminates any surfaces that would otherwise permit vaporisation of the liquids covered. Immediately after CN Protect Plus is added, a closed mineral floating cover is formed that adjusts continually to the current fill height of the slurry silo or pit. In the long term, it should be noted that, last but not least because of possible inspections, after the original layer with a thickness of approx. 15 cm, the thickness of the layer in the slurry container must not sink below 10 cm.


Odour retention and ammonia emissions

The test results of the accredited service laboratory for agricultural and environmental analysis LUFA NORD- WEST show exceptionally good emissions values in both areas with regard to the mineral floating cover. Where odour retention is concerned, a rate of retention within a range of 85 – 100 % results, however, with an average of 98%. Usually the measured values were below the limit of detection. The situation is similar where ammonia retention is concerned. The rate of retention fell within the range of 75 – 100%, but averaged 92%. You can download LUFA NORD-WEST’s conclusions here.

Fire and frost pose no risk with CN Protect Plus®

With CN Protect Plus, you don’t have to worry about fire prevention classes. CN Protect Plus is rated as a class A1 building material in accordance with DIN 4102 and thus is non-flammable. The same applies to its resistance to all types of weathering. CN Protect Plus does not expand at warm temperatures and is frost-resistant even at temperatures well below zero. It is a natural product and yet virtually indestructible.


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